Twitter feature requests

PRIORITY: I think Twitter should add a priority assignment feature to be applied to the followed accounts. It uses last in – first out scheme which is generally unfair for accounts that publish infrequent but important posts. The priority can be given as

  • Time : Posts that has +1 hour or 1+day priority.
    e.g. if an account has +1 day priority, posts from that account is placed above the posts that is 1 day newer but no priority assigned
  • No of post : Posts that has +5 or +10 post priority.
    e.g. if an account has +5 post priority, it is shown above 5 newer posts from an account that has no priority assigned

CATEGORIES: After a number of followed account it gets harder to get what you want when you wanted. To organize the followed accounts, a custom category feature and a category overview page would be very helpful. UPDATETwitter has a category support called LISTS. So forget about this last request.

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