Fight fire with fire

Years ago when Turkish football team Galatasaray was winning game after game and finally won the UEFA Cup, sometimes they were given a hand when they got in trouble, especially in local league. Another major player in the Turkish football league and toughest rival, Fenerbahce was not very happy with these occasional incidents. Interestingly at that time, they were not complaining to stop those interventions, they also wanted some for themselves. Solving problems by generating one… I named it “Mentality of Fenerbahce” after these events.

As usual I’m going to list some analogue cases that you’re probably familiar with:

  1. Transferring the inconvenience: For example in buses, people push another person just because they are being pushed
  2. Blood feud: When a social group involves in an offensive behavior to another group, the problem becomes a vicious circle.
  3. Macroeconomic decisions and short term remedies: Although the welfare economics seems to patch the problems, it is the macroeconomic decisions that create the unfair income distributions in the first place.
  4. Ponzi scheme: A scam where investors are paid with the investments of newcomers.

Final words: What they also have in common is they have never solved the problems and never will 🙂

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