Monthly Archives: July 2012

Ideas that Changed Me

I’m going to give you a summary of important ideas that changed my life perspective. They’re either from important people or from numerous important sources.

  • Raphael Haftka’s emphasis on good graphics. Haftka among other things, taught me that using original and effective graphics are very important not only for effective communication but also for comprehension of the situation at hand. It is very powerful because the main advantage of our brain compared to digital computers is the pattern recognition capability. Good graphics unleash the hidden power in our brains. Continue reading

5 Important Rules for Math/Science Work

  1. To understand the problem, divide it into pieces. But keep your perspective as broad as possible.
  2. Create solutions in pieces as well
  3. Change the inputs to comprehend the structure. Marginal inputs are especially important.
  4. Analyze the problem with simple models
  5. Apply solution candidates to simple examples