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Fight fire with fire

Years ago when Turkish football team Galatasaray was winning game after game and finally won the UEFA Cup, sometimes they were given a hand when they got in trouble, especially in local league. Continue reading

Boiling Frog

Sometimes impact of incidents is determined by the speed of realization. Generally more slowly it happens, more powerful the outcome becomes. Some examples are,

  • Boiling frog (though hasn’t been proven yet) : If a frog is boiled slowly, it cannot be aware of the situation and waits to die Continue reading

Ideas that Changed Me

I’m going to give you a summary of important ideas that changed my life perspective. They’re either from important people or from numerous important sources.

  • Raphael Haftka’s emphasis on good graphics. Haftka among other things, taught me that using original and effective graphics are very important not only for effective communication but also for comprehension of the situation at hand. It is very powerful because the main advantage of our brain compared to digital computers is the pattern recognition capability. Good graphics unleash the hidden power in our brains. Continue reading

5 Important Rules for Math/Science Work

  1. To understand the problem, divide it into pieces. But keep your perspective as broad as possible.
  2. Create solutions in pieces as well
  3. Change the inputs to comprehend the structure. Marginal inputs are especially important.
  4. Analyze the problem with simple models
  5. Apply solution candidates to simple examples

Basketball Conversations

Optimum number of people for half-court basketball and for conversation is similar. 2 people is tiring. 3 people is optimum. 4 is the upper limit, separation may occur. 5 is overload. You cannot play half-court with 10 people and if you are chatting it will definitely be two groups 2 + 3. So if you expect that going out with more friends means more fun, think again.

An Example of Overused Rapport Building in TV Shows

I recently read a book on social engineering by Christopher Hadnagy. He lists very useful and effective techniques to improve your social skills. Anyway, after reading for a while I unfortunately noticed that some of those techniques are used heavily. If you know them, they look really unnatural. Continue reading

“Teachers learn by teaching, parents mature by parenting.”


Do It

My Favorite Python Tools

I generally use Octave to test simple ideas, Python for more complex frameworks and I use C++ for heavy-duty programs. While in the prototyping phase I frequently use Python and some tools makes my life easier. I list them below. Continue reading

Exhaustive PhD Proposal Research

Those of you who are desperately searching for where to start in PhD proposal research, I have good news. When I was dealing with the same problem, I found a solution but I want to give you a heads up: it’s exhausting as the name suggests. Below I’m listing the steps to take. Continue reading

Road to Perfection and Using The Dashboard

“Perfection can be achieved more quickly by improving your worst skills. Because its marginal revenue would be greater.”
Serdar A. Koroglu

Nowadays people are really lost in the details. They loose themselves in working, self-centred communication (you don’t actually communicate while you tweet, do you?), and thanks to online social networks, in other peoples’ lives. It’s like being under the influence of drugs. Time passes by so quickly and things sometimes may go very bad but you can’t tell why. Continue reading